Public Jabber Server at Mauiholm




Long story short, I ran a Jabber IM server with encrypted links from the house for a few years, so that a few of us at work could freely gossip about management and our coworkers.

Jabber is an open protocol for instant messages (IM) for which a number of libre, gratis, and commercial servers and clients are available. If you're new to Jabber, please visit for an overview of Jabber Instant Messaging and related services.

We launched a public Jabber server at the Mauiholm in June '05. You can register for a free account. The hostname of the server is Your Jabber ID will be [yourname] (Note: someone took this example literally, so the username yourname has already been taken). The port number is 5223, if your client doesn't set it automatically. Please remember to select a password. TLS encryption is enforced. You can create chat rooms at will.

We log session connections and error messages, but not the session text itself. However, you shouldn't assume a degree of privacy any greater than when using your mobile/cell phone in a public place.

Whether you're IMing via Jabber or any other major IM protocol, if you don't have ready access to an IM client, you might give Meebo's site a try. We're not quite sure how they'll see much income offering a free IM client web service, but it is handy for as long as they can keep the doors open.


(Aug '09) Jabber is offline until further notice.

(Sep '07) New OS, new server, new software (Openfire). Take 'er for a spin.

(Feb '07) The rehosting didn't take, so the server is off line for now.

(Jan '07) Ejabberd is running on a new host. Unfortunately, I'm getting an error when I attempt to restore the user database, so previously registered users will need to reregister themselves.

(Nov '06) The ejabberd server is unresponsive after attempting to force TLS for all client connections. The maintainability of the host as a whole has been going downhill over the last few months due to local problems with the Debian 'apt-get' dependency hell. So, I'm going to rehost after the holidays, then rebuild and retask the current host.

(Aug '06) The IRC bridge has been disabled.

(June '06) Completed migration to ejabberd 1.0. We'll be testing SSL shortly. If you're unable to create an account, email us.

(May '06) We're attempting to migrate from jabberd 1.4 to ejabberd 1.0. Please excuse any service interruptions during integration and test.

(Feb '06) To reduce service dropouts when Maui Electric has generator problems, we've given the server its own UPS... but not before yet another power dip took out the disk containing the web page file system. We're working on making everything pretty, again.