Mauiholm Webcam

When we bought our own house in Kihei, the foliage of the mango and avocado trees out back was just sparse enough to see a bit of west Maui and Maalaea Bay from our upstairs office/den. Gradually, the trees filled in to the point that I decided to regain our view electronically, with a webcam on the roof. With a USB-to-phone-cord extender and a three meter metal pole, I made it work, but the pole swayed too much in the breeze, and I wasn't willing to risk damaging our fragile wood shake roof with the sort of guy wires that would have held it steady.

So, I settled for a Haleakala view with the cam secured to the peak of the roof in a weatherproof enclosure.

Ah well, it was only a 10 minute walk to the beach.

For historical reference, over time I used the following for image capture from a Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000: