(Old) Mauiholm Webcam

After a break of several years, we've reenabled video on our web server.

We recently replaced the server hardware, trading an Apple Powermac 6100 for a Powerbook G3 "Wallstreet". It runs the Debian 3.1 distribution and Linux 2.6 kernel. This configuration detected the Belkin USB PCCard the moment it was inserted, and the old Kensington USB VGA video device when plugged into that. Based on the info from the Linux Webcam HOW-TO, I was sure the hardware would be supported, but the hot insertion detection was a bonus.

The webcam is automagically mapped to /dev/video0. From there, the image is captured using camE, and written directly to a JPEG file. camE is a very simple utility, and perhaps as a result isn't terribly well documented. At the moment, after setting up the .camErc config file, I launch it from my bash console manually:

nohup camE -c /home/me/.camErc >& /dev/null &

This is just a place holder for webcam output until I get the configuration settled.

(12/20/06) So, the duct tape and bailing wire manuever isn't working for me. The camera goes back to the work bench until I work out a spacer to mount the ccd pcb on.

(12/17/06) I've disassembled the Kingston VGA webcam and "mounted" (with ele ctrical tape) the sensor and electronics at the focal plane of a broken Minolta XG-1 with a 28mm lens. Compared to the original Kingston lens, there is a considerable zoom effect. The Minolta lens isn't covering as wide an angle, and the 64 0x320 CCD is only covering a small fraction of the 35mm SLR camera's frame. The sensor placement needs a lot more tweaking to keep the scene in sharp focus.

webcam output

Wed Dec 20 07:08:16 HST 2006